Why is the City offering this program?

We regularly receive calls and in-person complaints from homeowners when a problem occurs with their water or sewer service lines to their homes. These lines are not the City's responsibility and we are very limited with the assistance we can offer. A broken or blocked water or sewer line on the resident's property can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace, and many times, residents are unprepared for this unexpected expense. The NLC Service Line Warranty Program is a fully vetted and A+ Better Business Bureau-rated program that will repair or replace a resident's lines per city code by a local contractor that is licensed and insured for safety.

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1. Why is the City offering this program?
2. Do residents have to sign up for this program?
3. Are tax dollars used to implement this program?
4. Do water and sewer service lines really fail that often?
5. Is there a long-term contract commitment to join this program?
6. If I have problem, is there a service fee or call-out fee?