What are the most common violations that occur within the City?

Code Enforcement receives numerous complaints, covering a wide range of problems. The following is a listing of some of the most common complaints received:

  • Uncultivated Vegetation, Weeds or Grass in excess of 12" in height: All premises within the City shall be maintained in a neat and attractive manner. The responsible person of any residence is responsible for maintaining the entire premises, including abutting public ways.
  • Fences and gates in disrepair: For the fence to serve its intended purpose, it must be maintained so the fence may screen, protect, and secure.
  • Right of Way Obstructions: The public streets, sidewalks and alleyways, must have clear accessibility to all who wish to use them. No plant, material, structure, fabrication, or vehicle may block the use of sidewalks or streets. This includes basketball standards, skateboard ramps, etc. Trees branches must be maintained at a height of 8 feet above the street level.  Other plant material should not block or obstruct any portion of the public sidewalk. 
  • Swimming pool regulations: All swimming pools, regardless of depth or size, must be enclosed by a fence, wall, or equivalent barrier at least six feet in height and must be cleaned and maintained in a sanitary manner annually. 
  • Overgrowth of vegetation: Property owners and /or occupants are responsible for maintaining grass, weeds, and all other vegetation on their property in a height not in excess of 12 inches.
  • Abandoned/ Derelict Structures: Property owners must secure any openings in vacant structures in order to prevent entry and discourage the possibility of crime or loitering.

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