New Advanced Metering Infrastructure

The City of McRae-Helena is transitioning from an outdated, manual meter system to a faster and more accurate Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. This will require the replacement or retrofit of all water meters in the McRae-Helena system.

The new automated system will  be more efficient, accurate, and cost effective than the manual meters. Reading will be transmitted via radio frequency hourly rather than read manually once a month, allowing us to help you track your water consumption or discover leaks more quickly.

Benefits of the new system include:

  • "On-Demand" meter readings
    • If you feel like you may have a water leak or have a question about consumption on your bill, City employees can access your meter reading in real time and review it with you.
  • Highly accurate data collection decreases the possibility of a manual misread
  • Readings are conducted hourly rather than monthly
  • Account notifications based on near real-time information
  • Customer service representatives can create, disconnect, and manage accounts more efficiently and effectively
  • Staff will not have to access the meter box or property to collect reading as a low-power radio frequency will transmit all data to the host server

How does it work?

Low-power radio signals record, store, and transmit water consumption information from your water meter to transmitter infrastructure installed on existing City towers, utility poles, or water tanks. 


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